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The lockdown has created a shift for music business infrastructure.

Formally heavily focussed on pubs and clubs, its clear many businesses are now recognising their current systems are quite deficient.

We would wager that you know at least one person who has complained of being "shut down" by social media companies for content violation. That should be a warning to anyone that their content, or the platform they are on, is not theirs to own. Now people are saying "no more!".

Many forward thinking bands and DJs now are looking for their own platform, to own the network. So, what exactly does that mean? What should a band or DJ look for? If you're raging against the machine, what exactly is it you want? That's where we come in.

This solution gives you a hub, a central spoke to own the network you are forging. You then start with all the power and rights associated with your artistry, together with the delegation power to share to other networks as and how you wish it to.

By joining with us we will provide strategies of engagement, based on good practice within the music industry, all designed to drive your supporters to your website, the centre of the netowrk; the hub.

In short its all geared to you owning the network and the quicker you make the decision sign up with EasyPeasyWebpage the better your chances of having that third-decade 21st century edge.

So, what you waiting for? sign up now!



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Hi. I'm Joolz. I work in the back office providing assistance, support and strategy development. While its my name and picture here it could be you, owning your network, or a fan administering it.

Here I am just showing examples of blog entries; click my name to see more examples.

Website: www.easypeasywebpage.com
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