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I saw Peter Jones on Dragon's Den criticise someone for selling items on Ebay.

He said "that's not an advert for you, that's an advert for Ebay". He's right.

If you have a potential supporter and they have to subscribe to someone else's service just to read about you, they might not be willing to do so. This is a serious engagement risk with your audience.

With an Easy Peasy Webpage your website shares your values, because it is you! If the website reflects the character of you, the potential for a supporter to subscribe increases; in other words you reduce the barriers to engagement because you own your network. EasyPeasyWebpage is about you owning your values, your membership and all the activities you do.

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Hi. I'm Joolz. I work in the back office providing assistance, support and strategy development. While its my name and picture here it could be you, owning your network, or a fan administering it.

Here I am just showing examples of blog entries; click my name to see more examples.

Website: www.easypeasywebpage.com
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