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.......while we're here lets explain more about this site and the support we provide for you.

You can see that on every page there is a top menu, which containes many items and some are within a hierarchy. How these menu items are categorised and linked together optimally can be a challenge. Not to worry because we take the pressure off and make so very easy peasy.

We believe our pages are optimised for your audience. We have a team dedicated to improving your reach and connectivity with people. However it may that you, either now or further down the line might wish a different structure, for example were one of your topic themes is or becomes more popular than others, deserving its own dedicated top-menu addition. We're happy to adjust this and support your site to evolve to your needs. So we provide a "bedding in" period. 

For the first thirty days we are happy to provide structural adjustments, such as the menu. If you're busy then this thirty days can be extended. These structural amendments are dependent on a reasonable number of hours of interaction. We choose this to encourage you to think very carefully as to how a menu is structured. This is all geared to the strategy to you owning the network and improving your connectivity. We believe the more you think on your own menu the greater the probability of enhancing audience base.

Beyond the first thirty days, menu adjustments are offered as a twice-yearly service with a 48 working-hour turnaround. Again this is designed to encourage you to think very carefully about one of the most fundamental aspects of any website.

In short all geared to you owning the network and the quicker you make the decision to go with EasyPeasyWebpage the better your chances of having that third-decade 21st century edge.

So, what you waiting for? sign up now!


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Hi. I'm Joolz. I work in the back office providing assistance, support and strategy development. While its my name and picture here it could be you, owning your network, or a fan administering it.

Here I am just showing examples of blog entries; click my name to see more examples.

Website: www.easypeasywebpage.com
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