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EasyPeasyWebpage gives you superlative video-based websites from the outset.

Scroll further down on this page and you can see videos have been added to a dedicated video player.

There are three videos below from a different category to that on the home page.

Just like text items, you can have as many categories as you like. You own the network by displaying each, or all, in different sections or pages on your site. You can have a section for live performances and another for promotional videos.

You and your fans can upload videos, so performances can include those recorded on fans' mobiles.

Again, with an EasyPeasyWebpage you own the network and the content directly.

Click here to sign up and take your creativity to the professional level.

  • Up Next Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music
  • Up Next Dub Pistols - Pistoleros
  • Up Next Taking Back Sunday - Cute Without the "E"


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Hi. I'm Joolz. I work in the back office providing assistance, support and strategy development. While its my name and picture here it could be you, owning your network, or a fan administering it.

Here I am just showing examples of blog entries; click my name to see more examples.

Website: www.easypeasywebpage.com
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